Briefing and analysis

Plans and visuals of your stand

After a briefing and analysis of your needs, in terms of space occupation as well as presentation and image, we will proceed with the development of the project by producing plans and visuals of your stand.

These take into account the regulations and impositions of the fair, they will be in line with your objectives, the best possible layout and your visual identity.

We continue with the technical and budgetary analysis which will lead to the offer.

Après corrections et accord du client

After any corrections and/or agreement on your part, we will develop the plans and proceed with the production and, if necessary, pre-assembly in the workshop to guarantee a perfect finish.

Transport du stand

Your stand will be transported by us, installed by our technicians at the fair and delivered within the allotted time…

After reception, the stand is made available to you for the duration of the fair with the possibility of the presence of one of our supervisors for day-to-day management of the stand (cleaning, supplies, logistics, etc.).

At the end of the event, the stand will be dismantled by our technicians for possible storage.

Stand storage possible

On simple request, the stand can always be stored for future use or another future fair.